About Team Clean

Summit Team Clean


Team Clean is a local family owned business. We have been operating in Summit County since 2001. Started as a husband and wife team and grew our company to become a leader in Summit County.

I’ve always viewed cleaning as business of relationships. Of course we utilize proven systems that produce consistency and value but our focus is first on relationships. And I think we have gotten pretty darn good at that, hence the “Best Cleaning Company 2012, 2013 and 2014” award from Summit Daily News; and many loyal customers some of whom became good friends of ours.

I love what I do and because of my passion I learned Spanish over the years. This is a huge value to our business since I can relate to my predominantly Hispanic employees the vision that I have for consistently creating value for our clients. The relationship with my employees is as important to me as the relationship with clients.

The reason why we named our company Team Clean is because we believe that success of any company depends on the quality and integrity of their team.

We always strive to employ the best cleaning talent available. Most of the employees that work at our existing accounts have been at the same property for years. Our cleaning staff has at least 3 years of experience. They know our high standards and maintain them or exceed them with the help of our supervisor/inspector staff.

c_emblemAnother great reason to use Team Clean is because we have a full time administrative staff available in our office Monday – Friday from 7am-5pm. We will also provide you with after hour emergency staff phone numbers. We are meticulous with our paperwork, structure and billing. We have been growing and improving our services for 14 years and we are running at peak performance. Team Cleans’ slogan is “We don’t cut corners… We clean them!” Once you use our services you will see that our slogan is not just a slogan but a true statement to how we approach our business.


Best regards,

Tony Gancev
Managing owner